Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I don't have any background information about this foreign language comic, but it may reprint Dazzler 17.  If anyone has any more information, feel free to let us know!


  1. Titans was a french comics. The 55 is from august 1983. It contain Star Wars 54, Star Wars annual 1, a french comics called Mikros and Dazzler 21 (Alison Blaire, This Is Your Life !).
    Dazzler 17 was published in Titans 51.

  2. Titans was published by the same editor of Special Strange (mentionned here : )

    Titans was a magazine containing 4 marvel series (and often mutants spin-offs : New Mutants,Excalibur,Fallen angels,X-Man...and Champions,Vision And Scarlet Witch,,Clandestine)

    All informations here :


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