Monday, March 26, 2012

Uncanny Restoration

 1979's X-Men Annual #3 featured a cover by Frank Miller and Terry Austin.
However, a printing error resulted in the full cover art not appearing on the final cover.
As seen in this black and white version, there was a color overlay that was omitted when the final cover was printed.

However, while other blogs might be content to merely show you the original art, Citizen X is not!  Through the magic of Photoshoppery, I have meticulously restored the cover to closer resemble what may have been the artist's original intentions.  Gaze onward in amazement!

That is all for now, students of the X.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Neal Adams and the Case of the Obscured Logo

This cover for X-Men 56 by Neal Adams was rejected because the X-Men characters obscured the logo of the book.

Here is the published cover, with the X-Men on the ground.

The unpublished cover with a different color scheme can be seen on Neal Adam's website, along with the original black and white art:

Cover scan courtesy of Professor H @

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