Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary!!!

I just realized that January 24th marks one year of blogging about Unpublished, Rare, and Commissioned X-Men art.  For those new to the blog, we tend to feature unused art on Mondays, rare but published art on Wednesdays, and Commissions or Sketches on Fridays.  Here are a few highlights of the first year:

To show my commitment to unpublished X-Men art I hit the ground running, and reached into my personal stash to bring you a rare scan of an unused page from X-Men Special Edition by Dave Cockrum:

I restored the artwork from Uncanny X-Men annual #3, to correct a major oversight in the printed version:

And with much help from Professor H., a classic piece of unpublished art by Barry Windsor-Smith was reimagined as if it had been published.  Roy Thomas himself was thrilled to see this artwork!

Stay tuned, because we've got a lot more rare and unpublished artwork coming in the next year!

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