Sunday, June 3, 2012

Barry Windsor-Smith's First Cover

Greetings, children of the atom!  Normally we bring you a new post on Tuesdays, but this find was so astounding, we're starting the festivities early!!  Today we have a rare treat for you, a fully colored rendition of Barry Windsor-Smith's unused cover for his first published comic, X-Men 53!
Special thanks to Professor H for the wonderful colors!

Here is the original cover.  Faintly, at the top, the title is pencilled in: "The X-Men Featuring The Rage of Blastaar!"  This kind of logo was replaced with Jim Steranko's new X-Men logo as of issue 50.  However, most likely the artist didn't know about the new logo as he was producing this art.
Also, the faint lettering at the left reads:  "Extra: We discovered an English Jack Kirby!"
Above, I have photoshopped in a quick approximation of what the logo would have looked like.
You can see the originals, along with more unpublished sketches from this issue at the Barry Windsor-Smith Unofficial Blog:
Finished inks are courtesy Stephen Donnelly's post here:
Finally, for your perusal, I present the published cover!

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