Monday, December 9, 2013

X-Factor Unknown (Updated)

Will's Comic Art Page has this unused X-Factor inventory page for sale.  If anyone knows who the artist was, please let us know! - Update!  John Trumbull and several other eagle eyed readers recognized these as Joe Stanton pencils, from an inventory story that was ultimately published in inventory clearing house Marvel Fanfare 50!  As an E-Man fan, I'm ashamed I didn't catch this myself.  Mark this one as published, and check out the color version below.


  1. The unused page is from the story that was ultimately published in marvel fanfare #50.
    The artist was Joe Staton.

    Could you do an article about Wood's unused pitch for NYX?
    Also, long time ago I asked you about the Larsen's pin-up for Comic Shop News that featured X-factor vs Powerhouse. According to marvunapp it was supposed to be 129, but it seems like they are wrong about it. I would love if someone who has the issues of Comic Shop News would find this particular pin-up and posted it in full glory.

    1. Anonymous, I'm still doing some research into both of these items, and will publish the stories as soon as I have more information (and better scans).

  2. Those are definitely Joe Staton pencils.

  3. Looks to me like Joe Staton, inked by one of the mainstay Marvel inkers of the period.

    Tom B


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