Monday, November 4, 2013

John Byrne Wolverine

Before Dave Cockrum drew Wolverine's face, there was much speculation as to what he would look like.  John Byrne came up with this design, which was later used for Sabretooth, with some changes.  This was the genesis of the idea that Wolverine and Sabretooth would be related.

John Byrne had this to say about the image. "Ah, yes — that was my original suggestion for Wolverine’s face. I sent that to Chris and he responded “You blew it! Dave has already designed Wolvie’s face.”

Updated version of the original concept drawing of Wolverine under the mask by John Byrne. 2012.

After looking at the original 1976 version of Logan’s face, John tried his hand at doing it again. He wrote: "Morning’s exercise: the same face, with thirty five years of additional experience driving the pencil…"

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