Monday, April 8, 2013

Number One

This week we'll be paying homage to the image that started it all, the classic X-Men #1 by showing art and homages published by Marvel.  First we have the original cover by Kirby and Sol Brodsky.  Sol is also attributed as the logo designer. (The art shown here is from Marvel Masterworks.)

Note the grass in the background and the lines coming from Marvel Girl's head.  While these were removed from the final cover of X-Men #1, they were left on the art stat used for this reprint.

Alex Ross did a painted version for X-Men Omnibus #1.

Dave Cockrum did the first homage cover when the All-New X-Men met Magneto.
And finally, Art Adams and Al Williamson paid homage to the homage when Classic X-Men #12 reprinted X-Men 104.

I also wanted to add that the Marvel Milestone Edition featured the reprinted version of the cover with the grass in the background, as well as lighter colored stripes on Magneto's force field.

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