Friday, December 21, 2012

Classic X-Men Week Finale - Carlos Pacheco

 From the One Minute Later Gallery at Comicartfans:

"Recipe for a Carlos Pacheco One Minute Later:

Start with an unpublished X-Men pencil pin-up by Carlos. Find Jesus Merino (via their mutual art agent) and have Jesus ink the pin-up. Next, meet Carlos in person at Wizard World Philly 2011 and explain to him the One Minute Later concept and show him the One Minute Later sketchbook. Watch as Carlos tranforms the piece into Classic X-Men One Minute Later by adding FOUR characters (Angel, Beast, Ice-Man and Havok) and tightens Nightcrawler. Viola!!!!"

The commission was based on this piece which appeared as an X-Men poster, and a double page spread in X-Men: The Ultimate Guide.

I could not find a good scan of the poster, but this cover for Dolmen, a foreign language publication is much better in quality.  (Click for a larger version)

Here is a link to the One Minute Later gallery:

Update!  Here's a better version of the image from X-Men: The Ultimate Guide.  Right click to view the larger image, and please pardon the seam in the middle of the scan.

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