Monday, October 22, 2012

Dusty Abell and Drew Geraci -Updated!

This unused cover for X-Men 75 by Dusty Abell and Drew Geraci comes to us courtesy of Drew's website. Drew writes: "For whatever reason, this was pencilled, inked, colored, then rejected, used instead in a reduced format for Diamond distributor's solicitations catalogue for X-Men #75. Maggot and Marrow, the ones with the smoking potato bugs and bones respectively, have a special place in history as the LEAST popular X-men members ever. It was fun seeing Dusty audaciously sign his name in the style of the X-men logo."

Drew's site can be found here:
For the record, I thought it was a refreshing change of pace to see new X-Men introduced after years of the same cast.  However, Marvel seems quick to dismiss new characters and rehash the ideas of Stan and Jack. On the other side of the coin, these days the X-Men change cast members at least every time they change writers.  Which is to say a lot. //End rant


I finally located the color version that Drew spoke about!  The image appeared in Marvel Vision, their monthly catalog, and the right side was unfortunately chopped off.

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